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Getting Started with Canva on Laptop
Game Development without Code using BuildBox
Creating an Alien Shootout Game
Coding using ScratchJr
Microsoft Excel From Beginners to Pro
Become A Professional In Microsoft Word
Coding Explained For Beginners
Advance Programming using PictoBlox
Scratch Programming: Building Save The Shark Game
Creating A Virtual Doctor using AI in PictoBlox
Building A Musical Fish on Scratch
Beginners Guide to Technology
Cyber Security for Kids and Teens
Understanding Machine Learning
Photoshop For Beginners (Kids and Teens)
Animation For Kids with Adobe After Effects
UI Design For Teens
Getting Started with Programming using PictoBlox
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence For Kids
Graphics Design For Kids Using Canva (On Phone)
Learn How to Make a Balloon-Popping Game on Scratch
Building a 5-minutes website on
Creating a Flappy Bird Game on
Introduction to Fashion Illustration For Kids
Building a PING PONG Game using Scratch
Getting Started with Scratch Programming
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