Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skooqs?

Skooqs is an online learning community enabling kids to develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills. Skooqs offers highly personalized and effective creative skills learning programs for kids aged 5-18years. 

What type of courses can you find on Skooqs?

Skooqs provide courses, resources and projects on 21st-Century Skills, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Cultural Awareness, Digital Literacy, Autonomy. Focusing on in-demand creative and entrepreneurial skills, popular topics include: technology, design, illustration, writing, photography, productivity, freelancing, and much more.

How does Skooqs compensate their instructors?

We make Skooqs open to skilled individuals who are interested in creating their courses on the site and then they get compensated based on how many unique minute of their video content paying users watch.


  1. To qualify for payments each month, Paying Members must have watched a minimum of 30 total minutes across all of your Paid classes that month.
  2. Monthly payouts begin the month following the month in which a teacher publishes their first Paid Membership class and receives a minimum of 30 total minutes watched by Gold or Enterprise Membership students.
  3. Skooqs distributes at least 30% of its monthly recurring revenue from Gold or Enterprise Membership to Skooqs Teachers on a monthly basis. The algorithm used to determine your monthly share is based primarily on your share of the total number of minutes watched on the platform. The specifics of the distribution calculation are subject to change from time to time.
    Read more in the teachers handbook.

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