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We all want to raise our children with a solid foundation, teach them important creative skills.
By teaching on Skooqs, you can grow your online audience, give back, and earn money.
Skooqs teachers are real working creatives and experts eager to share their expertise.

Teaching on Skooqs

Join thousands of teachers making a difference every day

Getting Started

Get started with just your email, It’s as simple as that Skooqs teachers are everyday creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals — people like you! You don’t need to have experience teaching or be well known to publish your first class and grow a following. Skooqs classes, on average, include 20-60 minutes of pre-recorded video content broken down into a series of short 2-5 minute videos

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Planning Your Class

Planning is the first and most important part of creating your Skooqs class. This is when you decide on your topic, come up with a fun and engaging class project, and get your thoughts organized. Great planning makes production much easier (and faster). If you put the time into planning at the start, the whole class creation process will go more smoothly!

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Recording Your Class

If you’ve never produced video content before, this aspect of class-making might feel intimidating. But many, many successful Skooqs teachers have been where you are right now and have gone on to create stunning content, at home, all on their own. You can too!

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Class Packaging

This includes your class title, lesson titles, cover image, project description, categories, and tags — information publicly visible to students and used by search engines to surface your class. Your Skooqs profile is part of your class parkaging too, since it contains information about you and your experience, and establishes your credibility as a teacher.

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Promoting Your Class

Congratulations! You’ve just published your first class on Skooqs! Now that your class is live, promoting it will help you build a following and start earning revenue. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, and social media followers to take your class!

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Earning Revenue

We compensate teachers for every minute watched by students in their classes and for every student they bring to Skooqs through their referral link.

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I’m a music tutor, I go to schools to train their students but due to covid it has really slowed down my business, thanks to Skooqs, I can now create my music courses online and share with more kids.

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