5 Tech Skills Your Kids Need To Learn Before They Turn 16

5 Tech Skills Your Kids Need To Learn Before They Turn 16

From entrepreneurship to medicine, the future of work is evolving. A lot of jobs require basic tech skills and within the next decade, many regular jobs would become automated thereby requiring technological and digital skills for future employees to remain relevant in the workforce.

Smart homes are a thing too; from cleaning to entertainment and home security. With the advancing technology, there’s a lot to keep up pace with.

That is why your kids should start acquiring tech skills relevant to their prospects. So many opportunities avail for good analytical, computational and critical thinking skills.

The earlier your kids begin to develop these tech skills, the more proficient they will become before they become adults.

There’s also every chance that they can become promising techpreneurs and solution providers.

Coding helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in kids as well as encourages them to experiment with different possible solutions to a problem. Coding is a tech skill that explores creativity as well as computational thinking in kids. Game Development is a fun way to teach and develop these basic tech skills in kids.

With the evolution of technology, comes the digitization of many tasks. Companies and many end users are seeking efficient, error-free quicker solutions. Medical science is becoming increasingly dependent on data analysis to help customize healthcare solutions for patients according to their lifestyle and genetic makeup.

Every day we share and receive data through different channels. Relevant tech skills are required to evaluate and implement these data. Kids as young as five can sharpen their tech skills by learning how to teach their computers to analyze, interpret and implement data. Got a kid who finds it difficult to gain math skills? Machine Learning) courses are a fun way to boost their confidence in math.

  • Design

Kids learn fast and their imagination is limitless. Let them explore their creativity through Photoshop, UI/ UX, and Fashion Illustration

Catchy sites we see on our screens every day aren’t rocket science. This is what happens when creativity meets good tech skills.

Encouraging tech skills for kids encourage blended learning. Tech skills aren’t fading away anytime soon.

Classroom activities are becoming digitized and it would be difficult for any kid who lacks basic digital skills to achieve their academic goals. Hopefully, gaining tech skills from childhood would help close the gender gap.


  • Dr Adebola Adeyi
    April 22, 2023

    What is the duration of your courses?
    Kindly give me more details about your programme for a 10 year child not based in Lagos.
    Kindly give me all the available options including private tutoring.

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