How to raise your Kids to be Entrepreneurs

kids entrepreneur

The world is changing.

I know that seems like my normal quote recently but that’s the truth. Before, getting a stable job after graduation was not a problem. But take a look at your child for one second. 

Imagine your child all grown up with his or her university degree shining the teeth with you in a picture in his or her graduation gown. Do you see that child landing a job that same day?

Or let me make the burden less for you. Do you see your child landing a job in the next week?

If yes, then you should probably stop reading especially if you are not interested in entrepreneurship. 

If not, better read this oh whether you like entrepreneurship or not unless you want your child to suffer. 

Now, if you’re reading this, I congratulate you because not all of us were opportune to know how to be entrepreneurs at a very young age. But now, you’re reading this and I hope you start work on your child as soon as you’re done. 

First of all, you should know that entrepreneurship involves initiative, problem-solving, communication, risk-taking, decision making, critical thinking, flexibility, creativity, innovation, adaptability. Hence, your actions while helping your kids grow entrepreneurship skills should revolve around this. 

Let’s begin… 

  1. Educate them about money: kids holding money

    Most children don’t understand the concept of money. Or rather, they think money is only meant for buying the junk they eat. Teach them that money is beyond that. Teach them that money can be spent, earned, saved, and invested. Then allow them to practice this. Anyone that does not know about money is already a failure in entrepreneurship especially when he carries this ignorance into a business.

  2. Make them see the need to be responsible:

    Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of responsibility. And this responsibility isn’t just about managing resources but about managing people too. Teach them the importance and don’t forget to make them practice, practice, practice. You could choose to give them homework by washing plates, cleaning their rooms, and reward them with fun activities like playing with their friends or playing video games.

  3. Help them master their skills, talents, or interests:

    technology kids

    Don’t make the mistake of imposing a certain skill on your child. Observe the skill or talent your child has or is interested in and help that child in building expertise. If it seems like you can’t find a talent your child has, present options. Make him or her familiar with several skills then observe the one that he or she is more interested in and start work in helping your child master it.

  4. Teach them the basics of business:

    Business consists of lots of elements. Break these elements into simpler things to learn. Start from their mindset. Yes, to have a successful business, you need to have a productive mindset. Then go over to finding problems and asking them to suggest solutions to the problems. Ask them to come up with creative business names and logos then go over to simple calculations that would be a foundation to preparing a budget or financial plan. Theories for these won’t work as much as practicals so make them DO and not just KNOW.

  5. Recognize opportunities:

    Teach your children the essence of finding opportunities and making use of them. Give them examples with popular brands while simplifying them as much as possible. Create activities that could help them know what it means to recognize opportunities and use them. 

  6. Teach them how to Give:

    A successful business is built on giving to the community. This is way different from charity work. Being a giver builds this empathetic ability required of entrepreneurs which is basically what initiates this giving. A business built on giving easily sees opportunities to problems and gives solutions to solve these problems. This is what makes people build trust in businesses and patronize them. So don’t hesitate to teach your child to be a great giver.


Starting early to instill the mindset and skills of entrepreneurship is the best gift you would give your child.

It makes him or her have options different from getting a degree and this would help him strive even better than his counterparts. Also, starting when they are little could even influence their lifestyle in other parts of life and improve their chances of succeeding.

Don’t neglect the power of entrepreneurship. So which one resonated well with you and would you love to start implementing? Tell me in the comment section. Remember, time waits for no one.

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