A Child’s Quest for Academic Excellence

creative skills for kids

Learning is a pivotal part of a child’s quest for academic excellence and success in life. However, it is much more than just having academic excellence.

The digital age is deeply shaping the way children learn and will also determine their future prospects, also as we all know there is a huge need to have creative skills in order to remain relevant in today’s society. 

Skooqs helps kids develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills using our online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious kids. Topics include technology,  illustration, design, photography,  music, video editing, language skills, and more.

With such a high percentage of kids wanting to discover their creative potential, Skooqs creates a platform for creative learning where users will pay a monthly subscription to access thousands of creative skills content. At Skooqs, we leverage technology to merge best practices like the use of videos, engaging content, and quizzes with the best teachers so that every child across the globe has access to the best creative skills learning experiences. 

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